Sustainable Office Certification


The Sustainable Office Certification program is designed to engage faculty, staff and students (with office space) in incorporating a wide variety of sustainable practices into the day to day operations of work spaces across the University. The program focuses on 5 key areas - Waste, Energy, Transportation, Purchasing, and Change.

There are 2 ways to participate in the program:

Self-guided program: Your team can download the Sustainable Office Certification checklist and go through it in a staff meeting. The checklist contains tips and resources on dozens of sustainable options in the day to day running of your office. Once your team has completed the checklist, save it and email it to us at

Facilitated program: A sustainability staff member or ambassador can lead your office team through a presentation and the completion of the checklist.  Please contact us at to schedule a Sustainable Office session.

Submitted checklists will be reviewed and assigned a level of certification based on a minimum score achieved. There are 100 points available in the checklist on dozens of actions from printing to composting to commuting to purchasing. Certified offices will receive recognition from sustainability@yorku, and certification is good for one year from the date of submission.

Download the Green Office Checklist
Download the Green Office Checklist (printable pdf)

For further information, or to book a facilitated session, please contact us at