Procurement Services at York University incorporates sustainability considerations into procurement policies and procedures wherever possible. This includes the purchase of environmentally preferable goods and services, and the integration of environmental performance considerations into the procurement process, including planning, acquisition, use and disposal. Environmentally preferable goods and services are those that have a lesser or reduced impact on the environment over the life cycle of the good or service, when compared with competing goods or services serving the same purpose. Environmental performance considerations include, among other things: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air contaminants; improved energy and water efficiency; reduced waste and support of reuse and recycling; the use of renewable resources; reduced hazardous waste; and reduced toxic and hazardous substances.

As part of the York University Policy on Procurement of Goods and Services, the University normally gives preference to suppliers of environmentally friendly products and services, and does not purchase apparel, including items with the University logo or trademark, from suppliers under investigation or being monitored by an external monitoring agency or third party for violating fair labour practices.

In accordance with this policy, York currently purchases only FSC certified paper and Energy Star rated appliances and electronics.

For more information on purchasing at York University, please visit the Procurement Services website at www.yorku.ca/procurement.

Fair Trade Coffee and Clothing

York became the first university in Canada to sell certified, fair trade clothing in its campus bookstore. Provided by WearFair, the fair trade t-shirts (pictured above) are made of organic cotton, and are certified by TransFair Canada, a member of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International.

York also has its own brand of Fairtrade coffee, Las Nubes, which is organically grown in the Las Nubes rainforest in Costa Rica (of which York is a part owner). Las Nubes coffee is available at the York Bookstore and all Food Services outlets..

Surplus Asset Management
A surplus asset is any asset other than real estate that is no longer of use to a University department, Faculty or other operating unit. As part of the York University policy, surplus assets are re-allocated to other departments to decrease waste and maximize the life cycle of any University asset prior to considering its disposal. Unwanted items may also be traded-in, sold, or donated to a non-profit organization for re-use through arrangement with Procurement Services. For more information, please visit www.yorku.ca/procurement/internal/surplus.