Walk or Ride bicycle to work/class

This pledge is pretty simple, as our own bodies are the most renewable, sustainable and healthy source of transportation available! At night you can also use York University's goSAFE service to ensure your walk is safe if you can't find anyone else to walk with. Also, every major building on campus has outdoor triangle bicycle racks, plus there are indoor monitored bicycle lock-ups in the Bennett Centre and Arboretum Parking Garages.

Use Transit for daily commute

There are many transit options available to York University community members, with many routes from Brampton Transit, GO Transit, York Region Transit and TTC. TTC monthly passes are available for $104 for students from YFS and for $112.50 for faculty and staff from parking services in the William Small Centre. GO Transit also offers a discount to full time students, registration is done through the Transportation website. Also, did you know there are over 2000 bus trips per day on Keele Campus and that 65-70% of the York University community takes sustainable modes of transportation?


Carpooling, if you cannot take transit or ride/walk to York, is one of the best and arguably easiest ways to significantly cut down on your environmental impact because for every person that shares the vehicle that is one less car that is burning fuel and adding to congestion, plus it could save you money on insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs. Check out the Diamond Pool program with York University Parking Services for how you can also share the cost of parking or sign up for the Carpool Zone ridematching database:!

Be an eco driver

Driving more economically doesn't just mean not driving with a lead foot, although it most definitely DOES include that! It also means inflating your tires properly, regularly maintaining your vehicle, reducing the weight of your vehicle as much as possible (don't store all your text books, your golf clubs, and/or your tools in your car!), and, driving more economically also means planning your route beforehand, because it can be worth it to take a slightly longer route but one which is not stop and go the whole way. Instead of car ownership, consider joining a car sharing program such as Zipcar, York University community members can join at a discounted rate.

Never idle more than one minute

There are some myths about idling that are important to dispel: Myth 1) cars need to be 'warmed up' in winter - this is simply not true with modern engines, and can actually harm the vehicle as the best way to warm it up is to drive it, which also, importantly warms up other essential parts like the catalytic converter. Myth 2) Idling uses less gas than starting - not true either, as most modern engines have at most a 10 second break even rule!

Support Transit and Bike lanes

Share your passion for sustainable transportation with other York University community members. Commit to supporting sustainable transportation such as public transit, HOV lanes, car sharing (Zipcar) and improved means for active transportation such as bike lanes/paths and pedestrian walkways if they come up in conversation, and if you want to get further involved as a starting point check out York's Transportation website and Smart Commute website in the resources section below.

Take the Pledge!