Buy Ethical Paper (FSC or recycled)

FSC certification means the Forestry Stewardship Council of Canada has approved the source forests and ensures that our forests are healthy and our communities are strong by: protecting conservation areas, respecting the rights of aboriginal peoples and local communities, protecting our waterways, and protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat. It does not necessarily mean the paper is recycled, but all FSC paper will specify if there is any recycled content. Also, did you know that York University printing services is the first University printer in Canada to be FSC Certified?!

Choose Fair Trade/Local food

When you have the choice, choose fair trade, organic, and/or local food. When you don't have the choice, if appropriate, ask why not! A common concern is that these foods can typically be more expensive, but in reality perhaps you are just paying the "real" cost of sustainably producing that particular food. Also, check out the YFS Good Food Box program, open to all students, staff, and faculty. To order a Good Food Box visit the YFS Member Services Office (Room 106 Student Centre) and place an order - cash or debit only please.

Use Green Cleaning supplies

Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda are all natural and cheap alternatives to store bought chemicals.

Buy what you need

Buy what you need: Part of buying what will last is also buying what you really need. Did you know that the City of Toronto will dispose of about 1 million tons of waste annually (source)? Be part of the solution by rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Buy what will last

Try to always avoid disposable, single serving, one use type purchases as in the long run, it can be cheaper to buy items that don't need replacing and you will also save a lot of packaging and resources by doing so. Try to rethink these choices! For instance, is a juicer really more expensive than a year's supply of pasteurized orange juice? Is that textbook something you could buy used or just borrow from a friend or the York University Library? Do you need individually wrapped cereal boxes or small packages of trail mix, or could you instead bring small servings in a Tupperware container instead?

Buy efficient

Always buy Energy Star electronics! Buy energy saving light bulbs (which are sometimes called "CFL", meaning compact fluorescent light bulbs). Also, think about how you will use the item you are purchasing; for example: do you need to switch out the vacuum bags or is it a reusable container, does that pen have refillable cartridges, is that LCD monitor really worth the small saving over an LED monitor, or is that expensive networked printer actually cheaper than basic printers on every desk? Also, consider the source of the item; for example: are your office supplies made from post-consumer recycled materials, or is it fair trade/organic?

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