Take at least one of the other pledges, or take all of them

It is important to lead by example because not only will your words carry more weight, but, in fact, people actually learn better from the example of their peers when it comes to changing values and motivations!

Be a positive role model for sustainability

It is important to lead by example, but it is also important to be a positive, patient, and encouraging peer leader. Very few people don't care about sustainability, but perhaps most don't really know where to begin or if their actions are really making any difference. By taking this pledge you are committing to using positive encouragement and to demonstrate personal example in order to lead the way!

Understand York’s sustainability policy and goals

Check out "Sustaniability, Policy On" for further details.

Use effective change agent skills

Use a collaborative approach at all times

This pledge is about seeking out opportunities to work with other members of the York University community (and especially Sustainability Ambassadors) because together we can accomplish so much more than we can working alone!

Invite other leaders to be Sustainability Ambassadors

The more people willing to be champions for sustainability and to commit to making change, the better!

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