Sustainability Champions Network

The Sustainability Champions program is a voluntary network of York University community members (students, staff and faculty) that are passionate about the environment and seeks to lead and transform York University into a more sustainable institution.

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Benefits of for students

The following are the benefits of becoming a Sustainability Champion: 

  • Professional development for students 
  • Recognition and reward for their work on an administrative level 
  • expertise from the Office of Sustainability and their affiliations on a consultative basis 
  • Experiential education opportunities 
  • Information-sharing
  • Become a part of a network and community of like-minded individuals 

The benefits for the department with a Champion include the reduced use of resources, operational improvements, enhanced reputation and recognition, alignment with the University priority of Sustainability, and overall enhancement of reputation and recognition. 

Benefits for staff and faculty

The benefits for the department with a Champion include the reduced use of resources, operational improvements, enhanced reputation and recognition, collaboration with the Office of Sustainability and overall enhancement of reputation and recognition. 

Relevance to the Sustainability Strategy 

Helping to satisfy Goal PE1, which states that theYork University community demonstrates a culture of sustainability through individual behaviour and institutional practicesembedding sustainability in all job descriptions, and changing behaviour and practices through focused training and continuing education for new and incoming staff, faculty and students”  

Helping to satisfy Goal KN3, which states that the “undergraduate learning outcomes and graduate attributes of York University students include, wherever appropriate, the ability to identify and articulate sustainability challenges facing our world, and to assess, critique, explain and take action to address these problems 

Responsibilities of a Sustainability Champion 

1. Sustainability Champions Network 

You will be part of a network of champions across the University and have the opportunity to collaborate on projects and to learn more about sustainability issues and skills together at workshops and events. 

2. Promoting Sustainability 

At the core of your role you will be promoting sustainability, encouraging effective resource use and leading by example and helping colleagues and new staff.   Additionally, advocating for the Sustainable Events Certification and Sustainable Office Certification (Refresh Coming Soon)

3. Distributing resources and information 

Champions will distribute information from the Office of Sustainability which may include: emails, social media, posters, stickers, event information and WWF Living Planet Resources. 

4. Reporting Progress 

Champions will track and provide progress on initiatives within department/group. 

5. Feedback 

Champions can bring forward ideas, questions, concerns or feedback on environmental issues from their department/group for how we can improve sustainability at York U.  


  • Enthusiastic about sustainability & the environment and willing to learn more about current global issues. 
  • Able to commit a certain about of time to the role  
  • Able and willing to attend workshops, training and events 
  • Staff should seek permission from your supervisor/manager

If  you would like to be a member, please email