Sustainability Strategy

York University is developing a Sustainability Strategy that will guide the University in advancing sustainability into the near and long-term future. The purpose of the strategy is to communicate and implement a shared vision, inspire positive change, build capacity, empower people, harness innovation and creativity, and foster a culture of sustainability within and beyond the university.

Members of the York community are invited to participate and give their ideas and input on key issues such as energy, climate change, waste management, transportation, social justice, and many other sustainability issues facing the University now and into the future.

There are a number of ways to get involved:

Sustainability Strategy Timeline

PSC & Working Group meetings                   September 2016 – June 2017

Strategic Planning Workshop                        10 February 2017                               Workshop Report

Faculty Consultations                                        February – April 2017

Student Focus Group                                         6 March 2017

Survey of York Community                              March - April 2017

PSC Themed (open) Meetings

Group Meeting Date Time Location
Research Wednesday, March 29 10am – 12pm York Lanes, 280A
Operations Wednesday, March 29 12 – 2pm York Lanes, 232
Curriculum Thursday, March 30 10:30am – 12:30pm Kaneff Tower, 956
Glendon College Friday, March 31 12 – 1:30pm York Hall, A302
Administration Tuesday, April 4 9 – 11am Kaneff Tower, 901
Social Justice and Human Rights Friday, April 7 10am – 12pm Kaneff Tower, 902

First Draft of Strategy                        May 2017

Open Forum (Keele)                          Wednesday, May 31        10am - 12pm        Kaneff Tower 626

Open Forum (Glendon)                    Wednesday, May 31         2pm - 4pm            York Hall A304

Final Draft of Strategy                 June 2017