Terms of Reference

President’s Sustainability Council Student Subcommittee

Statement of Purpose
The President’s Sustainability Council Student Subcommittee (PSCSS) is the student-run advisory body to the President’s Sustainability Council (PSC) with responsibility for providing input on York University’s sustainability initiatives, projects, and practices, as well as working on specific sustainability initiatives. The PSCSS will make recommendations to the PSC for initiatives projects and policies. It is also a mechanism through which to support and enable York University students to participate meaningfully in the planning and implementation of York University’s sustainability policies, initiatives, projects and practices. It will serve to foster the integration of knowledge and issues about sustainability into research, education and application.

The PSCSS will operate in an atmosphere of collegial co-operation, where all participants respect each other’s participation through sharing of ideas, information and strategies.

Membership in the PSCSS is open to any student interested in advancing sustainability initiatives at York University.

Composition of the PSCSS

  • Elected Executive Officers
  • 1 Chair
  • 2 Student Representatives
  • Volunteer Officers
  • 1 Outreach Coordinator
  • 1 Secretary

The affairs of the PSCSS shall be managed by the Executive.

The PSCSS Executive shall be assisted by Volunteer Officers who will be appointed by the Executive Officers by a shared consensus. Â

Appointment of Executive Officers
If the position of an Executive Officer becomes vacant for any reason, that position may be filled by a person who meets the qualifications and who is approved by a simple majority vote by the PSCSS.

An election shall be held in March for any vacancies in the PSCSS that occur. Any person appointed to the PSCSS under these circumstances, shall serve the unexpired remainder of the term of the departed Executive Officer.

Executive Officer Responsibilities
The executive shall endeavor to act in the spirit of the committee in their position.

Elected Executive Officers

  • Shall be responsible for the general organization and coordination of the affairs and operations of the PSCSS; and
  • Shall attend all PSC meetings and during these report on all subcommittee activities and while there, take meeting minutes, which will then be provided to all PSCSS members within 2 weeks of each meeting either directly or via the Secretary.
  • Shall train and advise the incoming Chair and Secretary.

Student Representatives

  • Shall attend all PSC and PSCSS meetings.
  • Shall report all activities of the PSC Working Groups to the Chair, directly or through the Secretary.
  • May coordinate meetings or events for PSC Working Groups with the general members to further working groups’ efforts.
  • Shall train and advise the incoming PSC Student Representatives.

Volunteer Officer Responsibilities

  • Shall be responsible for coordinating the scheduling of meetings of the PSCSS and any other administrative duties
  • Shall attend all PSC meetings with Chair and take meeting minutes
  • Shall manage the listserv, Facebook and YUConnect pages and work with university staff to ensure that these are up to date in conjunction with the Sustainability website.

Outreach Coordinator

  • Shall be responsible for coordinating all outreach initiatives of the PSCSS which will seek out potential members to attend regular meetings.
  • Shall communicate or report the activities of Outreach related meetings to the Chair, either directly or through the Secretary
  • May seek out and build collaborations with community members and internal groups
  • Shall endeavor to coordinate with engagement and sustainability officers.
  • All PSCSS Elected and Volunteer Officers are expected to attend all relevant PSCSS meetings and report their activities at these.
  • Officers shall miss no more than 2 meetings without at least 24 hours’ without a valid excuse. Every effort should be made to find a replacement representative for missed PSC or PSC Working group meetings.
  • Violation of the above may be seen as forfeiture of an officer’s position.  Pending a review and its outcome will determine if that officer will be replaced.

General Members
Membership is open to any student at York University who has an interest in sustainability.

  • Members may attend all PSCSS and PSC Working Group meetings and events.
  • Members may participate at PSCSS meetings, providing ideas, input, information and advice.
  • Members may assist the Outreach coordinator and Student Representatives in any activities, events or initiatives that they plan.
  • Members will be encouraged to attend all meetings, but will not be held accountable for absences.

Meetings of the PSCSS

  • The Chair may formally call meetings of the PSCSS and at the meetings the Chair shall act as the Speaker.
  • 5 members of the PSCSS shall form quorum.
  • Meetings will be determined at the beginning of every year and a monthly meeting at a regular hour will be set as agreed upon by the Executive Officers. Notice of meetings will be given no less than one week in advance.  Meetings will only be rescheduled if majority of the Executive Officers are not available on that day (for example, during exam months or religious holidays).
  • Any formal motions arising at meetings will be decided on by a majority of votes of quorum.

Determination of Valid Excuse
The determination of whether an excuse is valid shall be made by majority vote with quorum.

Conflict of Interest
A conflict of interest arises when a current member of the PSCSS has or could be seen to have an opportunity to use the authority, knowledge, or influence derived from his or her position to benefit improperly the member or another person or organization (financially or otherwise).