Student Subcommittee

The President's Sustainability Council Student Sub-Committee (PSCSS) is a student advisory body that engages with the President’s Sustainability Council (PSC) to advance student's sustainability goals at York University.

All students are welcome at the table! So come out to a meeting, tell us what’s important to you, and we will get you connected with the right people and/or advocate on your behalf. By getting involved with the PSCSS, you will also be getting to know and working with other student champions for sustainability.

In addition to the PSCSS meetings, even though the PSC itself is not open to the public (although we two have seats on the council), it also maintains four working groups, which offer further opportunities to work on real sustainability challenges which directly impact York University and which we encourage all our members to attend:

Administration and Organizational Structure: Students have the opportunity to be a part of the visioning process and policy-making procedure for York’s sustainability goals.

Curriculum: Students can interact with faculty and administrators to integrate sustainability tenets and principles into York’s academic disciplines.

Campus Operations and Development: Students can work with all levels of staff and administration to ensure that York’s food, water, energy, transportation, and other operational activities are transitioning towards an ecologically sustainable future.

Social Justice and Human Rights: Students can ensure that all sustainability policies will be inclusive and mindful of all interest groups and communities, and work towards creating a socially equitable and just York community.

If you are interested in participating in the Student Sub-Committee, do not hesitate to email us ( for details about the next meeting.

Let us hear your voice! We hope to see any and all students at our meetings.

Also, please visit the Facebook page for York University Sustainability for more opportunities to get involved.